Menzies Manor
19 Menzies Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 2G1, Canada
1-888-384-0803 | 1-250-384-0803

Cancellation Policy

Menzies Manor requires seven days cancellation notice during the summer season, May 20 until September 30. For winter reservations we require two month cancellation notice and a deposit, October 1 until May 19.

Sorry, Menzies Manor Vacation Rental is a pet free accommodation.

This web site and all it's content is for your personal use, rooms and the prices of rooms can change without notice. The information contained on all pages is for reference use only and may have some inaccurate information. The links to 3rd party sites is for your convenience only in making plans for your visit to Victoria and may display inaccurate information. Please use this and other linked sites as a guideline only.

At Menzies Manor Vacation Rental we are committed to insuring your privacy. We will not share any personal information that you provide, including email address, customer names or other information with any outside agencies or companies for any reason. Your personal information is used only in the completion of transactions which you have requested. Your credit card information is used only for the transactional purposes for which it was collected. If you have any privacy concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Toll free: 1-888-384-0803
Local number: 250-384-0803